Walking Alone: A Game

3 min readApr 21, 2021

I have been sitting in an office library in Seoul, South Korea. It’s been two hours since I have been trying to write about my experience of how I got here from Bangladesh and what I will be doing here for the next four months. But I couldn’t decide where I should start, how I should continue and last be not the least, when I should stop.

It’s almost 1 AM here. There’s no bus or metro to return home anymore. The room is empty and there’s no sound. I was looking outside through the glass window while thinking about what to write. Suddenly I noticed a girl strolling along the empty street. That triggered a memory from my childhood. The time from when I started walking alone. Maybe, I should share that story from my childhood which inspired me to develop a game of my own. A game is what actually led me to try for starting a startup of my own, but not the same one.

When I was young, we used to celebrate Eid day (a religious holiday celebrated by the Muslims) at my grandparents’ house which is in a village of Comilla division in Bangladesh.

As an introvert in a house full of more than twenty people, Eid day was nothing special for me but being confined in a corner room and finding some indoor games or books to entertain myself.

The picture of Paratha and Rosogolla is collected from @pinterestindia

The combination of the two is not supposed to go together. That’s why it’s not that common either. Only one store in the village sold that item. I heard how weirdly amazing it tastes from my cousins plenty of times but never had tried before.

That day, I was invited too. I was really excited to go. Because I was considered included in the group and kids love to be involved.

By the time I got ready and came out, I found out that everyone left without me. They must’ve forgotten about me like “Home Alone”.

Yup. This was me, when I found out everyone forgot to take me with them

Nonetheless I was determined to go find the store and have some Paratha-Rosogolla by myself. So, I started walking alone knowing nothing about the direction and of course without any money. I walked for almost three to four hours getting nowhere near to the bazaar, instead found myself back at home.

It gave me an idea of a game — “How to find my way home without knowing the direction”. Since that day I used to wake up in the morning before everyone did, go out and start walking in random and different directions each day. Mission was to find a given destination and then find my way back home.

Map of Comilla. All the routes can point back to the same place.

“Given destination” was like a school, a post office, a mosque or a temple that I decided for myself. So it was basically like a random route with a specific mission for each level of a game. Let me remind you that a village usually has one or two schools, only one post office and only one mosque or temple. Yet, I successfully completed most of my missions and came back home. Sometimes, with the help of other people. Sometimes I was dragged home by older strangers who used to think I was a lost kid.

Those missions used to take an hour to, for worst case, four. I still play this game whenever I travel to a new place.

So, this is how I developed my first ever game in life, without knowing about any video game or programming.




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